“Walking” is a trip without a predetermined destination. Mg through the multiple spaces and circumstances that we face in today´s world.

Moving through cultures and concepts that attract and repel each other.

A conglomerate of instances which as a photographer I feel at their mercy, as an observer I feel alienated, and as a person I am affected.

Affected by the instances that make me who I am, and at the same time are so unfamiliar, by these instances in which one culture vanishes giving room to another; by these instances of undefined duration, of transition, in which the paradigm changes.

And where the last strokes of the endangered paradigm survives floating in the tides of change, nose above water, like the tip of an iceberg melting as it makes it´s own way.

Diego Alonso.
Mumbai, June 2005

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Caminando. 2005
Photographs by Diego Alonso / Text by Horacio Basílicus.
Editorial: Alaknanda Producciones / Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2005
ISBN: 987-43-8532-4
20 x 20 cm / 108 Pages


CAMINANDO: After Apu - Diego Alonso - 1997 CAMINANDO: Banda de casamiento - Diego Alonso - 1996 CAMINANDO: Carro - Diego Alonso - 1999 CAMINANDO: Casa do pescador - Diego Alonso - 1997 CAMINANDO: Claqueta - Diego Alonso - 2006
After Apu

Wedding Band


Casa do pescador


Caminando: Desierto - Diego Alonso - 2004 Caminando: Duerme - Diego Alonso - 2004 Caminando: En bus - Diego Alonso - 2004 Caminando: Gadar - Diego Alonso - 2004 Caminando: Home - Diego Alonso - 2004


By bus



Caminando: Pasando - Diego Alonso - 2004 Caminando: Kumbh Mela - Diego Alonso - 2004 Caminando: Llave - Diego Alonso - 2004 Caminando: Pensando mientras todo pasa - Diego Alonso - 2001 Caminando: Niños - Diego Alonso - 1997

Kumbh Mela


Thinking while everything goes