Cosmic Connection

In the same way that our ancestors dedicated their artistic creation to religion (rites, dances, sculptures), paintings) I try with this group of photographs to create possible actual rites, based in our culture, art history and our lifestyle.

Rites to bring us closer to a sensation of giving oneself, a sensation of participation, to that connection with the cosmos wich can have been experimented by our hitoric or prehistoric ancestors-

Find a place under the moon. Apropiate it.
Detach it, dress it. Desappeare in time.
Pass, as a light, as a star.
Absorbe the space. Dance. Paint.
Find oneself.

Madrid, June 2008.

Conexión Cósmica: Angelous (Millet) Conexión Cósmica: Bola de Al¡mor Conexión Cósmica: Ofrenda Conexión Cósmica: Sacrificio
Angelous (Millet)

Ball of Love



Conexión Cósmica: Angelous (Millet)
Star (No Wars)