El Mundo (The World). I don´t want any more what I´m asked for.

In 1967 “The Medium is the Massage. An Inventory of Effects.” was published, all us who have grown up in the following years we have done it inevitably in a mediatic world. Consuming art, publicity, TV serials, world cinema, magazines, newspepers, etc. Wanted or not the influence from the media was always there.

As “El Mundo” in Spain, each country has it´s own main newspaper, some better some worst, it doesn´t matter. Further than printing news the newspapers “massage” our sensorium with it´s complements, creating a much more complex universe than simply a news world.

For the VII edition of the Photography Prize granted by “El Cultural” (El Mundo´s cultural magazine), I have taken the oportunity to do these photographs that I had in mind for some time based on the complements of newspapers editorials. For that porpouse I have done these selfportraits (with my girlfriend) in which I revise my influences, tendencies, fears, pleasures, enjoyment and memories. With a touch of critic irony and respect to all what we have sucked since childhood. Somehow, to understand on the way of creation what is mine and what I have learned, what is inherited.


Each name correspond to the name of the magazine complemented by my comment.

1-     Chronicle / Ceci n’est pas une pipe

2-     The Cultural / On Iraq´s hour

3-     New Economy / ARCO (arch)

4-     Natura / Van Gogh vs. Akira Kurosawa´s Dream

5-     Magazine / Tribute to Emmanuel Rudnitsky

6-     Health / The Sportsman

7-     Yodona (Me woman) / Aeolic Aphrodite

8-     Metropolis / Politics

9-     Your Home / Residential

Diego Alonso. - Madrid, 2007

El Mundo: Ceci n'est pas une pipe El Mundo: El Cultural El Mundo: El Deportivo El Mundo: Arco
Ceci n'est pas une pipe

El Cultural

The Sportsman


El Mundo: Afrodita Eólica El Mundo: El Cultural El Mundo: El Deportivo
Aeolic Aphrodite

Tribute to Emanuel Rudnitsky