Entre Ríos (2006)

Entre Ríos (In between Rivers) is a crucial turning point in my life.

In between appearing and disappearing, in between light and darkness.

After living for ten years in Bomabay (India) and travelling through Asia and Europe I went back to Buenos Aires (my native city)

to re-encounter the city and to re-encounter my own childhood.

I spent time travelling around argentinian provinces until I found myself in a remote farm in the province of Entre Ríos.

I found myself in order to be able to lose myself again.

In Entre Ríos I´m at the edge of the abyss, ready to jump into the unknown (at least for me).

To jump without physical gravity, jumping further away from the kind of “encounter” I had dedicated myself to until that moment.

Jumping to experience an encounter from another perspective, from a “fitting in” perspective even if not knowing what to fit into.

Jumping pushed by the background I carry about mixed in with whatever I discover while carrying it.

Where to? I don´t know, to find myself in order to be able to say something.

This is the base for all my work, an autobiography with disordered scenes where I´m not necessarily the protagonist but they are always a synthesis of whatever experience I´m having.

I believe in this and it´s the reason why I do it.

Madrid, February 2007

Entre Ríos: La Espera Entre Ríos: Silencio Entre Ríos: Ópera Entre Ríos: Oráculo
La Espera



Entre Ríos: Vacíco (Mi Mente) Entre Ríos: Invasores Entre Ríos: Soy la vaca
Emptyness (My Mind)
I´m the cow