Artist Statement

I see art as one of the few experiences where I completely detach from myself.

My work is purely experimental, both technically and experience wise. Image is the language I use to communicate with the world. I find it transcendental when compared to trivial daily spoken words.

I create dream tales that speak of what I see and feel in the world while learning about it through them. I believe in spontaneity, freeing myself in its ways to encounter spaces, people and moments. Here is where ideas come to life: in the exact instant of action. No matter how much I try to control the process of creation, it is free, and it is laden with an uncontrollable cultural background.

Since my early stages in photography around 1990, I´ve always felt this art as a way of life, as a language of expression as opposed to representation. For me, it is the tool which I use to study and learn about the world around me. My training comes from motion pictures, which is linked to photography in it´s essence, but it is very different in the outcome. This is why my video works are very different from my photography. With photography, I freeze long moments and periods of action, whilst I use video to extend very brief moments.

Movement is a component which recurs in my work. Movement as a depiction of time.

Initially the representation of movement was literal by using camera motion, object motion or both simultaneously, until I discovered that in photography the speed of light (moving element) could be used to freeze an instant. Studio investigations helped me understand lighting technics in a way that encouraged me to apply them in open spaces, within nature (another moving element). This opened to new possibilities in achieving a synthesis of all my earlier works into one. In the past, I worked on simultaneous diverse styles at one time. Now I feel comfortable in this one line of work that brings together all of the ingredients I used in the past, while preserving one main content: Stories of movement, stories about present, past and future combined in one image. Stories that tell of the only thing I can be sure of, my experience. After having travelled the world enough to lose myself, and in that process, my ego, I have come to understand that we individuals are indeed not so different from each other. In the end, beyond all cultures, borders and distances, we all want the same: love. This is my Story.

Diego Alonso, Madrid, May 2009.

Time + Space = You Control:E=mc2 Cosmic Connection Entre Ríos
Time + Space = You


Cosmic Connection

Entre Ríos

Landing Painting El Mundo Kamasutra Led Walking
Landing Painting

El Mundo

Kamasutra Led


MDA Nada Urban Terrorism Natura Mortis


Urban Terrorism

Natura Mortis

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