Landing Painting (2007-2009)

Luminography, Luminogram,

I am trapped by this words like mesh.

I try to tell stories, or one story of all the existing ones, the one I know.

I enjoy the night, it is the moment of the day when I can see the light best.

It is when the shadows design shapes that discover time.

This general sensation is felt all over the body, both in a chill or warm night.

It is this sensation of floating in the cosmos left by the absence of sunlight.

This is the sensation I try to capture with these images,

this game between reality and unreality in which we are immersed at night.

To lose oneself  in the fields, in the darkness, looking for my own interior.

Connecting with the land, letting ideas and memories to flow.

Feeling the landscape connecting with it as as it triggers sensations.

Losing myself in a magical game in which there is nothing else but learning.

Madrid, March 2008.

Landing Painting: Landscape Landing Painting: La Vi Landing Painting: Ford Landing Painting: Robinson Crusoe

I´ve seen it


Robinson Crusoe

Landing Painting: Cadiz-Tanger Landing Painting: Encontrandolo Landing Painting: Olimpic Games Landing Painting: Rock
Cadiz Tanger

Finding it

Olimpic Games


Landing Painting: Tumba