Time + Space = You (2007-2009)

In the same way that our ancestors dedicated their artistic creation to religious porposes (rites, dances, sculptures, paintings, etc) I try with this group of photographs to create possible contemporary rites, based on our culture, on art history and our way of life.

Rites which, somehow, take us closer to a collective sensation, to abandon ourselves in a connection with the cosmos, as our ancient ancestors might have abandoned themselves.

Find a place under the moon. Make it ours.

Study it, dress it. Dissappear in time.

Pass, as a light, as a star.

Absorb this space. Dance. Paint.

To find ourselves.

Madrid, June 2008.

Tiempo + Espacio = Tú: Tiempo + Espacio Tiempo + Espacio = Tú: Baño de Luna en la Hierba Tiempo + Espacio = Tú: Entre Luces (Grito) Tiempo + Espacio = Tú: Boat
Time + Space = You

Moon bath on the grass

Between Lights (Shout)


Tiempo + Espacio = Tú: No Encender Fuego Tiempo + Espacio = Tú: Squire-L Tiempo + Espacio = Tú: Sueño de una noche Invernal Tiempo + Espacio = Tú: Tinajas
Don´t make fire


Midnight winter dream